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So Far, Crescendo Connect Has Donated over $15,000 in musical instruments collected from the Local bay Area community.

If you have a cello, violin, or viola lying around unused, consider donating it and passing it on to aid the next generation of musicians. If you would like to donate, contact us ↓

Where your instruments go


ELM is a full scholarship, multi-year, intensive program that provides music education, ensemble, and performance opportunities to San Rafael youth to develop the social, emotional, and academic skills they need to succeed in life. 

Programs include chorus, orchestra, chamber music, and parent music groups. In addition to school-year classes, ELM runs a summer camp, concert series, and provides scholarships for private lessons for exceptionally motivated students. There are no financial barriers to participation. 


AprendiendoABC is a music program that provides music education to San Rafael youth to stimulate mental, social, and emotional development in students through learning to play an instrument. 

Group programs include orchestra, guitar & percussion, and piano groups. Outside of the group environment, students can learn an instrument in a one-on-one setting through AprendiendoABC and Crescendo Connect's online music lesson program. Here, students are paired with high school instructors, highly skilled musicians who teach their students how to play their chosen instrument in a more personal and productive environment. 

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