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Helping connect Everyone with music

The goal of Crescendo Connect is to connect families of all socio-economic backgrounds with music. Whether you are looking for professional music instruction or free lessons from community volunteers, we are here to help you get connected. We also help you find donated or cheap instruments in your area in case you are having trouble paying/renting an instrument from a music store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the feedback form below.

About our staff

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Our founder Aidan Williams is a current student at University of Southern California in Los Angles, California. He founded Crescendo Connect so he could create an impactful and helpful non-profit as part of The Changemaker Project, nonprofit that empowers youth around the world to create positive change in their communities. Aidan has been playing the cello for over 9 years. He also plays the trumpet in USC's Trojan marching band.

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